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The Sugarloaf Resort Community

Who Are We?

What About the Water We Serve?

The Team who operate and maintain the Sugarloaf water system are dedicated, long time Sugarloafer’s. They are highly skilled professionals with a deep commitment to ensuring the system’s efficiency and reliability. Their responsibilities include daily monitoring of water quality and pressure, conducting regular inspections and maintenance of equipment, responding promptly to any issues or emergencies, and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Our primary water source is a combination of seven deep bedrock wells located on Sugarloaf Mountain, supplemented by the South Branch Carrabassett River, which is filtered through a 325 gpm Kinetico Macrolite filter system located on West Mountain. The system relies predominately on the wells and supplements them with treated water from the river as needed to meet customer and operational demands.

What Do We Do?​

Our team provides several crucial services, but three of the most important are:

Safe Drinking Water

We are committed to ensuring that the water supplied to homes and businesses meets stringent regulatory standards for safe consumption. This involves comprehensive testing, treatment, and ongoing monitoring processes aimed at safeguarding water quality and protecting public health.

Fire Protection

We ensure that our water systems provide the necessary water pressure and volume to support firefighting efforts. Adequate water supply is crucial for controlling and extinguishing fires in residential, commercial, and industrial areas, and we are committed to maintaining a reliable water supply for these purposes.

Public Health Protection

We understand the vital role public water systems play in protecting public health by providing clean and safe drinking water. Access to safe water is essential for preventing waterborne illnesses and promoting overall well-being, and we are dedicated to upholding these standards for our community.

Let us make every drop of water count, for our health, for our communities, and for our planet’s future.

Current Capital Projects

Investing in Our Future

Source Water Exploration

We are actively replacing two well sources contaminated with Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the safety and purity of our water supply. This initiative highlights our dedication to protecting the well-being of our community and visitors.

Additional Water Storage​

We are currently undertaking the construction of a new 300,000-gallon storage facility to enhance our fire protection capabilities and reduce our dependency on treating surface water to fulfill water demands. This project underscores our dedication to improving infrastructure and ensuring a reliable water supply for our community.

Water Treatment Optimization​

We are aggressively engaged in enhancing our treatment processes to reduce natural organic matter in our surface water source and mitigate the corrosivity of water in our distribution system. These efforts reflect our commitment to improving water quality and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our water supply.

These capital projects aim to improve water quality and reliability.

We are vigorously pursuing various grant opportunities to enhance our water system improvement projects and are pleased to announce that we have already secured significant funding to propel these critical endeavors forward.

Past grant awards have supported a wide range of vital initiatives, including source water protection, capacity development, PFAS mitigation, and asset security. These grants underscore our commitment to enhancing our water system’s resilience and sustainability, providing valuable benefits to our customers.

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